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  2. DCAEGEN2-2686

Migrate DCAE services to helm - misc components


      As part of DCAE transformation, require all remaining DCAE services involved to be migrated for deployment support via helm.


      1. Deliver Son-handler, Heartbeat, *VES-Mapper, RESTConf, SNMPtrap, BBS-eventproc, TCAgen2 w/policy*** component as separate helm chart employing dcaegen2-service-common template under https://git.onap.org/oom/tree/kubernetes/dcaegen2-services/components 
      2. Continue blueprint revision required for Istanbul release for backward compatibility for CLAMP/Policy usecases
      3. Update MS documenation to reflect new deployment steps using Helm 
      4. Update Integration/robot test-suite to use helm deployed MS 
      5. Components with policy configuratin depedendency (SON-Handler, TCAGEn2/policy) should switch to retrieve policy configuration using sidecar container (https://wiki.onap.org/display/DW/Policy+function+as+Sidecar)

      *  To be assessed if components needs to be maintained further or if they can be locked

      Note: There is ongoing work with OOM team to move the charts to DCAE repository; once this is complete - new contribution will be under DCAE Repo

      All container updates and charts updates are required to be completed by M3 (Final code submission)

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