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      Currently, VES 7.1 have some limitation (to fully support 3GPP spec). This ticket describe two of them and provided some suggested solution.

      Problems in VES 7.1 (base on PM-Mapper output)

      1. Extended granularityPeriod (with endTime information) per measurement

      We are facing those issues with granularityPeriod in PM Mapper output:

      • granularityPeriod is under measDataCollection element not under each measInfo
      • granularityPeriod value contains only endTime from the first measInfo element of PM Bulk File

      We suppose that granularityPeriod should be under each measInfo element and should contain not only endTime but also duration, which is available in PM Bulk File

      2. Explicit reference in measeTypeList

      sMeasTypesList contains a list of types without exact specification to which sValue of measResults it belongs and that mapping depends only on the order of that list.

      Current message:


      Supposed solution is to add a specifier, like "p"=1 to each value in sMeasTypesList similar to measResults list, to present that explicitly:

      Requirments and next steps

      Also will be needed to define all needed enhancements, with requirements defined by ONAP use-cases needed to fully support 3gpp spec in VES 7.1.

      All changes will need changing the VES schema so must be approved by the VES schema team.



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