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vFW K8s created by CDS with ability to execute LCM actions on it


    • vFW K8s on CDS with LCM support

      The purpose of this work is to build vFW K8S service on K8s cluster with help of CDS blueprint and GR-API. 

      • Modification of vFW K8s helm charts to make them compatible with CDS
      • Preparation of CDS blueprint for vFW K8s service
      • Creation of K8s Profile in Mutlicloud for vFW K8s service base on the information from the CDS blueprint
      • Enabling GR-API for K8S services i.e. for vFW K8s service.
      • Modification of Mutlicloud/K8s API to execute selected actions of K8s resources like scaling of Deployment/StatefulSet
      • Modification in A&AI to represent resources created in K8S for vFW like vf-module, v-server, vnfc, and related network configuration in order to enable further LCM actions for such created service
      • Modification of vFW K8s helm charts in order to enable LCM operations with NetConf, Ansible
      • Modification of vFW K8s helm charts to have better modelling compatibile with vf-module and vnfc in order to let scaling operation be triggered properly by ONAP
      • Modifications in Multicloud/K8s and vFW K8s helm charts  in order to support multiple instances of the same K8s service in the same time, especially for networks being created and K8s services

       Related with https://jira.onap.org/browse/MULTICLOUD-457


      Related wiki page for Frankfurt: https://wiki.onap.org/display/DW/Integration+with+CDS


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