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Guilin-R7 ArchCom Review (AR-0026-R7-052020) PM Data Control Extension



      PM Control

      PM data collection control provides 5G network operators with a dynamic and more efficient way to configure performance measurement collection on a selected subset of  PNFs/VNFs in the network and complements the existing PM data collection and processing capabilities in ONAP/DCAE. An initial version has been delivered in Rel 6 (5G / Bulk PM / PM Control - REQ-129). Planned enhancements for R7 intend to further increase the capability and the dynamicity of this feature.


      Sponsors: Michela Bevilacqua, Mark Scott

      Description and/or Referenced Materials:

       PM Data Control and Collection in ONAP - ArchComm - 05262020.pptx

      ArchCom Decision and Comments

      This Topic was reviewed and  approved on 26-May-2020

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