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Control Loop Policy for A1-based action for SON Use Case



    • Control Loop Policy for A1-based action for SON Use Case
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      This Jira is a placeholder for any change needed in Policy for SON Use Case.

      The SON Use Case has two types of DMaaP Control Loop messages. One for ANR and one for PCI.

      #ANR message sample


      The second is for PCI

      #PCI message sample
         "Action":"ModifyConfig" }

      Both are received by Policy over DMaaP from SON-Handler, and both are forwarded by Policy over DMaaP to SDN-R. For Kohn release there is no change to the PCI message flow, and SDN-R will process this as a netconf edit action sent to RAN-Sim and send back an acknowledgment.

      For ANR, there is a change for Kohn release in the way this message is generated in SON-Handler MS and the way it is processed in SDN-R which sends a A1 policy message to RAN-Sim. We need to explore what change is needed in Policy to support a use case with both O1 and A1 based actions.




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