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E2E Network Slicing requirements for Guilin release


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    • E2E Network Slicing requirements for Guilin release
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      Description of Use Case / Requirement:

       This Epic captures the requirements for E2E Network Slicing use case for Guilin release. It shall cover:

      1. Improvements/enhancements to the functionality implemented in Frankfurt release.
      2. RAN sub-net slicing with RAN NSSMF internal to ONAP
      3. Transport sub-net slicing with Transport NSSMF internal to ONAP
      4. Core sub-net slicing with Core NSSMF internal to ONAP
      5. RAN sub-net slicing with ONAP interacting with an External RAN NSSMF
      6. KPI Monitoring by tenant/operator
      7. Simple Closed Loop Control (stretch goal to complete the full part) (Note)
      8. Intelligent Slicing for KPI guarantee (initial steps) (stretch goal to complete the full part) (Note)

      Note: Though the intention is to complete (7) and (8) (and we have resources committed), given the short release timelines, we could have some practical challenges in completing the implementation/integration in components such as SO which is impacted across multiple tracks. In such a case, the missed out parts (if any) shall be shown as a PoC/Demo and officially completed in the next release.

      M4 updates:

      • The assumptions for Guilin release for the various topics are documented in https://wiki.onap.org/display/DW/Assumptions+for+Guilin+release.
      • The basic functionality for all topics except (6) will be delivered. For Closed Loop and Intelligent Slicing (topics 7 and 8), only RAN domain PM data and actions are considered for Guilin.
      • For topic (6) (KPI Monitoring), only a part of the functionality will be completed in this release. In particular, the impacts in PM-Mapper MS in DCAE will be delivered only in the next release.

      Owners (one of these should be the Assignee - use @ notation):



      Link to HLD/LLD (if any):


      Dependency Relationships with Other Projects:

      None in R7.

      Project Impact (Test Only (TO), Code (C)):

      1. AAI (C)

      2. UUI (C)

      3. ExtAPI (C)

      4. SO (C)

      5. OOF (C)

      6. DCAE (C)

      7. CCSDK/SDN-C (and SDN-R) (C)

      8. CDS (C)

      9. SDC (C)

      10. Policy (C)

      11. Modeling

      Support Status for each Affected Project (Supported (S); Partially Supported (P); Not Supported (N)):

      Note: for any affected projects labeled 'P' or 'N', please document the resulting gaps.

      1. AAI (S)

      2. UUI (S)

      3. ExtAPI (S)

      4. SO (S)

      5. OOF (S)

      6. DCAE (S)

      7. CCSDK/SDN-C (and SDN-R) (S)

      8. CDS (S)

      9. SDC (S)

      10. Policy (S) 


      Integration Leads (use @ notation): 






      Company Engagement:

      List of Companies provide code / test commitment: CMCC, Wipro, Huawei, Tech Mahindra, IBM, TIM.

      1. AAI - Huawei, CMCC, Wipro

      2. UUI - CMCC

      3. ExtAPI - Wipro

      4. SO - CMCC, Wipro, Tech Mahindra, Huawei, TIM

      5. OOF - Wipro, Huawei

      6. DCAE - CMCC, Wipro

      7. CCSDK/SDN-C (and SDN-R) - Huawei, IBM, Wipro, TIM

      8. CDS - Tech Mahindra, TIM

      9. SDC - CMCC

      10. Policy - Wipro

      (Modeling - CMCC, Amdocs)

      (RAN-Simulator - Wipro, Core-NF Simulator - LTTS, External RAN NSSMF Simulator - Huawei)

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