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CDS integration with SDC (VF/PNF Resource artifact upload screens)


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    • CDS integration with SDC (VF/PNF Resource artifact upload screens)
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      CDS needs to be integrated in a better way with SDC.

      CBA artifact is created in CDS, it needs to be exported, and imported to a VF/PNF resource configuration, as an artifact. That is error prone (different versions of files, aso).

      Proposed enhancement:
      Implement a CBA browser, using integrated CDS instance - and add this option to select an existing CBA to SDC. This will be an alternative to existing file upload mechanism, that is going to stay in ONAP/SDC.

      In order to keep both approaches synchronized, after a CBA artifact is selected in that new GUI, it will be downloaded and stored into a Service Model CSAR package. That has to be done by SDC internally (downloading, and storing in Service Model CSAR).

      Optionally - CDS GUI to be available as an SDC plugin (similar as DCAE-DS or Workflow Designer).

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