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SDC and CDS Integration Improvements [placeholder]



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      CDS needs to be integrated in a better way with SDC.

      CBA artifact is created in CDS, it needs to be exported, and imported to a VF/PNF resource configuration, as an artifact. That is error prone (different versions of files, aso).

      Proposed enhancement:
      Implement a CBA browser, using integrated CDS instance - and add this option to select an existing CBA to SDC. This will be an alternative to existing file upload mechanism, that is going to stay in ONAP/SDC.

      In order to keep both approaches synchronized, after a CBA artifact is selected in that new GUI, it will be downloaded and stored into a Service Model CSAR package. That has to be done by SDC internally (downloading, and storing in Service Model CSAR).


      Following a proposal for improved SDC and CDS integration:  (Carryover from Frankfurt release: https://jira.onap.org/browse/SDC-2575)


      Problem: The current CBA load process via SDC is manual and fragement. First the users needs to create the CBA in CDS UI and then go to the SDC screen and perform the following actions. 

      1. Add the CBA as an artifact. 
      2. Add meta data (cbaName, cbaVersion, cbaArtifact, etc..) reference of the CBA package in the SDC Properities page for the resource (vnf/vfmodule/pnf) and/or service. 



      SDC to leverage the CDS CBA Catalog API to render the available cba package instance for all resource types and allow the users to attach a cba instance as part of the artifact management.  Once the CBA artifact is attached additional meta data information shall be persisted as part of the package such as CBA_Name, Version. 


      Delete the CDS CBA Package Metadata reference model from the Generic VNF/PNF/Service/VF Module Model to the Artifact Model section.  





      The controller actor selection  – (VNF/PNF and Service Level) – Should it be moved to run time?? Needs to be discussed and finalized. 

      Skip Post instantiation flag – Should it be moved to run time? Needs to be discussed and finalized. 

      Investigate the possibility to define (correctly) CBA from within MANIFEST.json within heat-based CSAR in order to be correctly classified (currently vFW_CDS_CNF usecase's CSAR is interpreted by SDC to contain OTHER artifact as CBA).

      If feasible, investigate also the possibility to predefine "default" input parameters for such csar, to contain `sdnc_model*` and `sdnc_artifact*` values pre-filled in prepared package.

      This would much simplify process of onboarding this use-case due to reduced modeling work.

      Usecase CSAR is defined here (latest version): https://gerrit.onap.org/r/#/c/demo/+/100588/13/heat/vFW_CNF_CDS/templates/base/MANIFEST.json


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