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VVP-EXT-HAPROXY node port is not fixed - was 30229 - then 30298 (taken from log - no more conflict)


      In the ONAP installation the vvp-ext-haproxy (maybe also others) can reserve node ports, which are used by other ONAP services.


      root@onap-onap-oom-tm-rancher:~# kubectl get services -n onap |grep 229
      vvp-ext-haproxy NodePort <none> 80:30229/TCP,443:30690/TCP,22:32494/TCP,9000:30763/TCP 14m

      Here it blocks 30229, used by AAI Model loader.
      This blocks the installation of AAI:

      ++ helm install local/aai -n aai --namespace onap -f /root/integration-override.yaml
      Error: release aai failed: Service "aai-modelloader" is invalid: spec.ports[1].nodePort: Invalid value: 30229: provided port is already allocated

      20190111 3.0.0-ONAP
      currently 30298 is reserved for LOG - but is being used by vvp without a reservation
      onap vvp-int-haproxy NodePort <none>

      Raised VVP-129

      onap vvp ClusterIP <none> 8181/TCP 3d
      onap vvp-ci-uwsgi ClusterIP <none> 8282/TCP 3d
      onap vvp-cms-uwsgi ClusterIP <none> 80/TCP 3d
      onap vvp-em-uwsgi ClusterIP <none> 80/TCP 3d
      onap vvp-ext-haproxy NodePort <none> 80:30671/TCP,443:32054/TCP,22:30173/TCP,9000:31309/TCP 3d
      onap vvp-gitlab NodePort <none> 80:31481/TCP,22:31975/TCP 3d
      onap vvp-imagescanner ClusterIP <none> 80/TCP 3d
      onap vvp-int-haproxy NodePort <none> 80:30298/TCP,8080:30021/TCP,9000:30605/TCP 3d
      onap vvp-jenkins NodePort <none> 8080:32022/TCP 3d
      onap vvp-postgres ClusterIP <none> 5432/TCP 3d
      onap vvp-redis ClusterIP <none> 6379/TCP 3d

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