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Add CPS-E-05 endpoint for 'Read data, NCMP-Operational Datastore'


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      Propose new Endpoint following prev proposals, see https://wiki.onap.org/display/DW/CPS-391Spike%3A+Define+and+Agree+NCMP+REST+Interface#CPS391Spike:DefineandAgreeNCMPRESTInterface-Datastores

      Redirect request to CPS-Core (Using java interface) with dataspace 'NCMP-CmHandle-Operational-Data' 

      Open Questions :


      Proposed Rest endpoint to read data Questions
      GET http://localhost:8883/ncmp/v1/ch/{cm-handle}/data/ds/ncmp-datastores : operational (Hardcoded)
      Note : 1.  /ds is datastore
      2. /options (Ignore If it is there in endpoint)
      1. Will be using GET http methos to expose rest endpoint ?
      2. Do we need to append "?xpath=/" with proposed rest endpoint to fetch root elements or should it be added while redirecting to cps core(using java interface)? 
      Use "?resourceIdentifier=/" that would be mapped to xpath as above.
      3. Do we need to append "&include-descendants=true/false" with rest endpoint or should be added while redirecting to cps core(using java interface)?
      4. Do we need to support only RootXpath or can accept xpath from endpoint to filter result ?
       Support only xpath in the scope of this.
      5. To query/redirect to cps core we need 3 attributes from enduser :
      • dataspaceName : "ncmp-datastores: operational" will be mapped to NFP-Operational
      • anchorName : cm-handle-id
      • xpath: ?resourceIdentifier=/ will be mapped to "/ " 

      6. If we pass topic query param with this endpoint should we use async ? 

      Note : CPS Core java interface :

       public ResponseEntity<Object> getNodeByDataspaceAndAnchor(final String dataspaceName, final String anchorName, final String xpath, final Boolean includeDescendants)


      A/C :

      1. Propose and agree rest endpoint with stakeholder (Kieran McCarthy/Tony Finnerty)
      2. When xPath does not exist (misspelled) the response should be the same as in CPS Core Rest interface (Empty response TBC)
      3. Demo positive and negative scenarios to team

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