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Publish lifecycle events for ADVISED , READY and LOCKED state transition


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      • Ensure event details (names, order) etc. are absolutely clear from Spike, JosephKeenan has some learnings!
        • Remove the operation field (22 June)
      • If event cannot be send, no retry, just user log.error to report detailsĀ 
        Consider kafka configuration for retry not for now.


      1. Agree Topic name for 'broadcast' topic with Stakeholders and Team (naming convention consistent with previous topics) : ncmp-events
      2. Schemas will be added to cps-ncmp-events/src/main/resources/schemas/ (subfolder if preferred or needed) : taken care
      3. Demo an event (in correct format) is sent once the module-sync (of a newly registered) cm-handle is completed
      4. Demo an event (in correct format) is a cm-handle 'remove registration'
      5. Include Event details in Read-the-Doc (see also CPS-Temporal) in the https://docs.onap.org/projects/onap-cps/en/latest/modeling.html section for CPS/NCMP
      6. We need to update the timestamp when state change happens. - recheck
      7. Delegate logic of state transitioning and publishing of the events to the helper.


      1. Update events (see comment on Spike, check with kieranmccarthy ) - No longer needed (check with Toine)
      2. Deleting and Deleted state not part of this user story. CPS-1101


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