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      With Dublin, a new mode is available in SO to instantiate a service : the "macro" mode.

      In SDC, a service can be declared with an instantiationType equal to "A-la-carte" or equal to "Macro". This information is then available in the Tosca service definition file.

      When "Macro" mode is choosen for a service, the SO will use different kind of BPMN workflow.

      This "macro" mode need to be managed by NBI.

      NBI needs to look at service definition in Tosca file, select the mode, build the "macro" request toward SO  when service instantiationType is "Macro". 


      REQUEST 1 : NBI have to send a request to SO with the parameter "aLaCarte": false when instantiationType is Macro in service definition file


      In macro mode, the SO request may also contain, in the "userParams" section, all needed information about VNFs and VF-module(s) to be instantiated.

      All those necessary information are in the Tosca service definition file generated by SDC.

      If NBI do not fill those information, the serviceOrder sent to NBI will have to provide those informations (that means an external system will have to do the job)


      REQUEST 2 : NBI to look at VNF, VF-module and Network in the Tosca service definition file in order to build the full "macro" request toward SO.



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