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DCAE Helm Transformation (Phase 3)


    • DCAE Helm Transformation (Phase 3)

      This EPIC track DCAE Transformation to support native helm support for microservice onboarding and depoyment. 

      Primary Tranformation goals are as follows

      • Decentrailization of platform functions 
      • Remove centralized configuration management (and enable application use K8S configmap)
      • Facilitate flexible onboarding and deployment of DCAE services
      • CI/CD based workflow automation
      • Moving toward Cloud Native options for supporting current platform capabilities

      **This will be multi-release effort and work per release will be scoped based on community support.


      This EPIC will track outstanding items for Jakarta release. 

      Phase1 (H release) - Introduction of Helm SVC template for DCAE components; migrate bootstap services to helm (DCAEGEN-2488)  Cloudify was primary orchestration for dynamic deployments (MOD/CLAMP flows)

      Phase 2 (I release)  - Extend DCAE SVC template to provide other generic functions; migrate remaining DCAE svc to helm (DCAEGEN2-2630). 

      Phase 3 (J release)  - Continue on backlog items from H release; integrate MOD to support helm flows and deprecate Cloudify components. Extend SVC template to support add-on capabilities.

         - Integration testsuites to be updated to switch deployment via helm

      (CBS/Consul can be supported for extended period during J release (depending on the resource/commitment to handle DCAEGEN2-2890)



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