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Add Logging Reference Impl example and AOP wrapper on Logging library


    • LOG Sprint 8, LOG Sprint 10, Dublin-Logging


      design page: https://wiki.onap.org/display/DW/Logging+Reference+Implementation

      his page is the design and reference site for the Logging RI. The following topics are being provided to the rest of the ONAP community.

      • How to use the  EELF Logging Library
      • How to adhere to the logging guidelines
      • How to implement the filebeat sidecar container to push logs to the ELK stack pod
      • How to use the EELF AOP wrapping library
      • How to ensure requestID tracking during distributed transactions

      The goal of the logging project is to provide for automated or manual log analysis.

      In order to meet this goal the following work items need to be addressed

      • root pom
      • subproject poms for library, microservice, docker image, traffic generator
      • docker NBI and SBI images, push, tag procedures
      • consumption of logging library in project poms

       Acceptance Criteria


      Log format compliance - the Logging Guidelines

      Log capture - the OOM ELK stack 

      Filebeat config in the oom template yaml - see code for existing pods and the spec at https://kubernetes.io/docs/concepts/cluster-administration/logging/#sidecar-container-with-a-logging-agent

      Log config - the OOM (currently duplicate) configuration

      Logging annotation library

      Logging code refactor to align with the guidelines and format.

      documentation for wiki and readthedocs

      minimal tx scenario 

      Questions on onap-discuss from the teams

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